Music Notes

Hymn of the Week

for December 05, 2021


​Lyrics (Hymn # 134)

"Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme"

Lyrics: Isaac Watts

Music: Henry W. Greatorex

Verse 1

Begin, my tongue, some heav’nly theme,

And speak some boundless thing,

The mighty works, or mightier name

Of our eternal King.



Verse 2

Tell of His wondrous faithfulness,

And sound His pow’r abroad;

Sing the sweet promise of His grace,

And our redeeming God.

Verse 3

His very word of grace is strong

As that which built the skies;

The voice that rolls the stars along

Speaks all the promises.

Verse 4

O might I hear Thy heav’nly tongue

But whisper, “Thou art Mine,”

Those gentle words should raise my song

To notes almost divine.