Church History

Section 1: Early Church History

A course following the early developments of the church, growing from a small band of faithful servants in Jerusalem, to an influential  movement seeking to go out to the ends of the earth. In these amazing 600 years, we find the story of glorious transformation, steadfast growth, perseverance through suffering, and many battles to preserve doctrinal integrity. Join us as we study the early years of our family history within the church.

(Above: an early church tile mosaic in Tabgha)

Class Textbook (Needed)

Church History Book 1.jpg

A Glorious Institution: The Church in History,

Parts One and Two

by Stanford E. Murrell

This text was selected because it offers a number of benefits for the local church. It is extremely economical, covers courses in both the early church as well as the church of the middle ages. Chapel Library also offers worksheets for each section of the book. Finally, it is fully available online through Chapel Library's website. 

Other Recommended Texts for additional study:

  1. Everett Ferguson, Church History, Volume 1

  2. Bruce Shelley, Church History in Plain Language

  3. Jonathan Hill, The Zondervan Handbook to the History of Christianity

  4. Justo Gonzales, The Story of Christianity, Volume 1

  5. Nick Needham, 2,000 Years of Christ's Power, Volume 1

*Additional Texts (dealing with specific subjects) may be recommended

in the weekly sections

Week 0: Introductory Week

Our journey through early church history begins with an introductory session. We will seek to accomplish the following goals:

  • Distribute the Class text book.

  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the text book.

  • Discuss the additional recommended books- their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Discuss the purpose of studying history generally.

  • Discuss the specific importance of Christians studying church history.

  • Point out that this is a continuing story of which we are a part.

  • Begin to define the time period covered in early church history.

  • Hand out the reading worksheet for the upcoming Week 1 lesson